Day 14 | Creativity – Your World Has Changed, as has everything else


Today’s post is really to start to get you thinking over the weekend. The crux to marketing is to be creative but all too often I go into businesses and they say “I’m not creative at all”. Having probed a bit, I just don’t think that’s true, it’s just that they have had the creativity beaten out of them from an early age. The Radio 4 Today programme was discussing the rise of China in the world economy today and in that the question of wherther China would really innovate and beat the USA in global dominance. Interestingly, the debate centred around the fact that the Chinese don’t like to step out of line and so as a result their creativity is stifled. 

One of the most crucial things you can do to have a successful travel agency business today is to not be afraid of thinking outside the box, be able to make marketing mistakes, not to be afraid of trying new things.

I’d like you to watch an amazingly inspirational speech from Sir Ken Robinson at a TED conference. He’s an amusing speaker so the 20 minutes will be as enjoyable as a dose of your favourite comedy show, but underlying to this is an urgency that we have to become more creative.

Have a great day.


Day 14 Tip: Unleash your creativity. Don’t keep doing the thing you have always done – think differently