and people still don’t get online marketing

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Avinash Kaushik just talked about what strategies education establishments use to market online. From my experience lots of commerce companies are struggling with this approach. Extracted from his post….

Thousands of websites engage in this type of online marketing:

1. Shout Marketing. We don’t care what you want or consider any signals of relevance you might provide, we’ll just shout at you about what we want to

2.Offline Marketing. We know how to print glossy brochures, and look how cool it is that now we can put all that online exactly as we did in the offline world.

3. Unimaginative Marketing. Our site was created in 1990 as soon as the web got cool. We are really working hard to figure out what has changed since then. Meanwhile here our 1990 site with the addition of Follow On Twitter & Facebook buttons.