Design Travel Guides for FAM Trips – increase your expert status

A new Travel Guide platform- Buggl has launched that enables users to create unique short and personal travel guides online and either give them away or sell them for a few quid.

This is a genius platform for Travel Agents and other Specialist Tour Operators to be able to publish online, and not only use it as an inbound lead generator but also as unique, personally written travel guides for your clients.

Of course blog about  your FAM trips, but writing a travel guide also ensures that you continue to stand out from the crowd as the expert. If you have not got a writer in house then you can easily hire them for about £50 to write up the notes that your staff make when on their FAM trip.

Net Effect Take:

We are genuinely excited to see this kind of ‘free’ functionality online that enables Independent Travel Agents to stand out from the crowd and publish their expertise. If the software platform gets traction, the guides will act as a great inbound lead generator for Travel Agents