Festive Marketing Plan


Whilst social media has increased the volume of daily communications people engage in, there is still no real substitute for communicating face to face. With late night shopping nights and busy high streets, Christmas is an ideal time to invite your customers in and spread a bit of goodwill and festive cheer.

The key to success is to plan well to maximise the opportunity and keep focussed on what you hope to gain from the event (e.g. collecting email addresses!)

 ‘To Do’ this month

Today’s task is to plan and draw up a ‘To Do’ list for a festive meet and greet. Here’s a useful link to help you get started. Click here.

Some further ideas to consider are:

  • Send out invites via Facebook, email and window displays.
  • Make sure you have a simple way for people to leave their email address with you so that you can continue the conversation after the event. This could be as simple as having a notebook and pen available, or entering them straight onto an ipad or computer as you chat.
  • If possible make a note of what type of traveller they may be or destinations they’re interested in so that you can target marketing efforts accordingly.
  • Make sure you have something with all your details (including web address and social media connections) ready to handout.
  • If your team have different specialist areas eg. Cruise or Adventure Travel or destination knowledge make sure customers know how to identify them to make starting a conversation easier.
  • Ask a Tour Operator to help support your event.
  • Make sure your shop is looking as attractive as possible and create a display area for any demographic/destinations you specialise in or want to promote e.g. Ski/Cruise/Adventure/over 50’s/Millenials. It could be a great opportunity to test interest in a new holiday type.
  • Take some photos of the event and share on social media
  • If you offer Gift Vouchers be sure to let visitors know in case they are looking for a gift idea for the special travel – lover in their life.

A new travel blogging platform – Planity

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Some months ago we reviewed BonJournal as a great tool to use for agent FAM trips. I’m still a great fan of Bon Journal and particularly like their IOS app for quickly being able to record moments when on the move. What is going to differentiate travel professionals of the future is their in depth knowledge and advise and clients will want to be able to see that you can demonstrate your knowledge via in depth blogs of places you’ve been. You can of course record these blogs on your own site, but the advantage of using external sites is that you have the opportunity to reach a larger audience.

Planity is similar to BonJournal – but has just launched and offers you another way to record FAM trips and other blogs online.

I like Planity – it’s main difference to BonJournal is that the map of the trip is more visible on reading the blog. Bon Journal’s map appears hidden away unless you are actively looking for it ( the ‘View Map’ link is at the bottom of the contents list for each trip when I think it would be better served at the top of the contents list). The upside of the bonjournal map is it is more interactive than Planity’s map, with the ability to have a full screen of the map and the places that are tagged also hyperlink back to the main article which is useful.

According to Tripadvisor research, 46% of travellers use blogs as an integral part of their planning process. These tools to help travellers record their travels will have a place in the travel research ecosystem of the future and can act as a potential inbound funnel for travel companies wishing to extend their reach