How to Find a Cheap Hotel Room: Sites to Use and Sites to Avoid - Net Effect

How to Find a Cheap Hotel Room: Sites to Use and Sites to Avoid

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This post was inspired by a blog post from the travel blogger site below:

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

via How to Find a Cheap Hotel Room: Sites to Use and Sites to Avoid.

Nomadic Matt is all about finding the best travel deals. The bane of travel agent’s lives – people booking direct! But as you can read in the blog post – there are many sites out there that do a good job at convincing the public that they are the cheapest.

Interestingly, Matt’s conclusion was to avoid MetaSearch sites and always to check with Tingo* ( a Trip Advisor company that guarantees refunds if the hotel room you book ends up cheaper elsewhere. We have installed a metasearch engine on many travel agent sites successfully (this enables the agent to sell online or offline using their TAAP Expedia Account and still earn commission).

I carried out a search between Tingo and our Metasearch site and found:

1. Tingo quoted prices excluding Tax ( not allowed in the UK) and so the price at checkout was always closer or the same as the Metasearch site

2. Tingo availability stopped when they could not compete on price that easily ( I found availability for a hotel using Metasearch more times than the availability showing on Tingo)

What can a Travel Agent Learn from all this?

1. The consumer is being ‘duped’ quite a lot of the time that the best price is online

2. It is becoming easier and easier to find a hotel and check prices online

3. That a user should check multiple site before choosing who to book with

4. That Expedia were the cheapest on many occasions

5. That agents should incorporate a metasearch hotel engine on their site to enable them to be seen as ‘least expensive’ by their users/clients. This will encourage the clients to keep coming back to the agent site and to use it on mobile effectively while also being able to be able to sell the hotel offline (via Expedia TAAP account and still pick up commission)