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Getting Started with your CRM

This quick start guide will introduce you to your new CRM and the key areas to get you started. We recommend watching the quick tutorials to get an understanding for how to use the CRM, create quotes, manage your clients etc.

Quick Start Guide

This CRM is designed for use with Google Chrome ( Recommended) Firefox or Safari browsers.

Microsoft has stopped supporting many versions of Internet Explorer and so many modern software applications have inbuilt technology not supported by IE.

You should find Google Chrome much faster to use than Internet Explorer for all your work.

You can download Chrome here

Key Definitions

  • Contacts are the names of the lead bookers or companies and organisations that you deal with. These include your customers, prospects, partners and, if you want to, your suppliers, press contacts etc. In fact, anyone you work with. An example account would be e.g. Rushton Family, representing the lead booker name to encompass the whole family group
  • Within Contacts are the lead booker family / group members, also called contacts. For instance, in the above example – if the lead booker was Mrs Rushton, you might list Mr Rushton and their children. You can store useful information on family members here
  • Enquiries are potential sales associated with a lead booker. You need to have a lead booker name saved to be able to create an enquiry
  • Tasks are things you need to do, for example, call John Brown back on 15th August.
  • Leads relate to new potential clients with whom you have not sold anything before. You don’t have to use leads and can add all potential clients to your contacts so long as you do so in a GDPR compliant fashion ( this will enable you to market to them)

When you first login to your new CRM system you’ll be taken to a welcome page and your CRM Dashboard.

Your Dashboard Includes:

1. A summary of your Enquiries and their status

2. A summary of your todo’s and tasks

3. Links to this Help Site

One of the first things you will need to do is to add some Lead Bookers, known as Contacts, to your CRM. Contacts are the lead bookers/groups/companies you deal with.

Once you have set up your lead booker you can add family/group/ company contacts to them.


From the Dashboard

Click on the  Contacts Tab. This will open a summary of all your current contacts. If you have just started there won’t be any.

Click on ‘New Person’ to add a new Lead Booker



Enquiries can either be accessed from your client profile or in the Menu listing

There are two different views – Pipeline and List


This shows your Enquiries listed in ‘Pipelines’ so you can easily see Enquiries in different Segments.

Click on an enquiry to view or amend or ‘drag and drop’ the enquiry between pipelines


When a new potential client calls you want to be able to record their enquiry quickly and if they are not on your database – to be able to quickly add them.

When you start typing in the Contact field, the database will automatically search for an existing contact of the name you are typing and if none exists to allow you to add a new name. Adding a phone number and email will add these fields to the client profile section.

Once you have saved the enquiry – navigate to client profile and update other relevant data if needed. You can also then access the quote function to create a quote directly for the client.