If you already have a website that you wish to integrate our product feeds into please click on the tabs below to find out more about the easy way that product feeds can be incorporated into your website.


LateCards (Standard) iFrame Integration

Our standard template iframe integration adds the following iframe onto your website:

Cost: £195 set up Fee and £50/month

LateCards - Bespoke iFrame Integration

Our bespoke iFrame integration will match the style of our iFrame to your site as shown below:

Set Up Cost: £495 ( includes design and implementation)

bespoke iframe

Sub Domain Integration

For those clients wishing to integrate via a hosted sub domain ( maintains better link functionality than an iFrame integration for external sharing of offers) we provide a complete design and build service which will copy your existing website and host a sub domain with LateCards integrated into the domain.

Sub Domain Cost £695





Our API Feed can be provided and so your own developers can style and integrate LateCards into your website, mobile App or whatever you wish to use the integration for.

Set Up Cost: £695

We also provide a full development service to integrate the API into your website rather than you using your developers for an additional cost of £395

Example: http://www.major4agents.co.uk/info/lcwork.php


Sub Domain Integration

We take a copy of the design of your site and reproduce on a sub domain which contains all the content from our Tour Operator Product Brochure library.

Set Up Costs: £1200





Due to the nature of the aggregated feeds we take from Tour Operators it is not feasible for us to provide a full searchable API for our brochure product. We recommend that clients either use the sub domain route or move their entire website provision across to our platform so that we can support them.

Access to download and host our data ( with daily updates) locally and build your own search using our aggregated product feeds is available from £150 per month + £1500 set up fee