Integration with GoSquared - Net Effect

Integration with GoSquared

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Analytics is pretty much where it is at. Everything leads to analytics and understanding your site analytics is one of the most important elements of running and growing your business. Think of Analytics as your eyes on who comes in your shop. I bet if you have an offline store that you spend a lot of time in, getting a feel for who is passing the store, who is coming in, who is buying, and who you are nurturing when they do come in is something you do without thinking.

Well hey, if 95% of your potential customers check you out online before they ever visit you (yep – they do!), doesn’t it make sense to know what they are looking at on your site, how long they are on it, whether they are interested in your latest blog post? My analytics coupled with LiveChat are an invaluable addition to my business. we don’t have a walk in store, and so we have to treat the website as one and try to engage with as many visitors as we can. We also want to know who our visitors are and what they are looking at.

As with everyone, all our sites have google analytics (GA) integrated so that you can read as much detail about every single event that happens on your site. GA is really great for massive data analysis. But in a small business, where everyone is pushed for time and you just want to be able to get a snapshot of what is going on – GA is a cumbersome tool.  Sure you can set up dashboards but they are still quite tricky to follow and while you get some good information, the data is not great for the here and now. We tried all manner of methods in getting business owners to look at Google Analytics, even adding the key metrics to a Cyfe Dashboard and letting users have the dashboard for free. Guess what – no one logged in, nadda, not anyone. Why? That had me baffled. But then I realised, the analytics I was looking at everyday were simply summaries, I could only deal with summary info. Why would my clients be any different?


What do Business Owners Want?

What business owners really want is an easy way to follow what is going on on their websites in real time and trends. It’s about keeping up with what is going on. Think of it like a visit to the store on your day off, checking that people are still coming and then think of it as getting those all important daily stats.

I discovered a company called ‘GoSquared’ who are going some way to answering these issues. I have test run their service and all I can say is that I think it is fantastic as a tool for agile owner managed businesses. Designed for the ‘non techy’, easy to understand, easy to use and delivers exactly what it says  – real time easy analytics for businesses.

Turns out this is a British business – yey! Who would have thought that inventing analytics sofware for websites would have been viable when Google have gone so far with their software? Turns out 3 school kids ( now in their early twenties) did and good for them, and us. They are pretty impressive and they’ve bootstrapped the business in the main against some tough competition and now have over 40,000 websites the monitor.

I was so impressed with what they have done for analytics and how I think their easy dashboards enable business owners to get a snapshot of their business online (which you just have to now – even when you are an offline business such as a high street travel agent) that we decided to roll out their software to every client we have as part of their subscription to our service. Now it’s over to them – I for one, have looked at analytics more (every day in fact) than I ever did when I solely relied on Google Analytics and this helps me understand my business and drive growth.

Check out the CEO of GoSquared – 22 years old Gill on Bloomburg.TV below. It’s great to be associated with such an entrepreneurial and talented business.