The simple CRM for travel businesses

Manage your strong client relationships in one place, create enquiries, send professional quotes and send emails to clients that make them want to book with you

automated travel marketing

"We are getting on well with the CRM! It's a great product, very simple to use and much easier to keep the database up to date" Rachael Jones - Glenfield Travel, May 2018

A Simple, Affordable Automated Marketing CRM for Travel Businesses

Keep all your enquiries in one place, share with team members and nurture through the booking funnel


A GDPR safe system for managing client data

Manage enquiries across your team and through your sales pipeline


Create professional quotes with ease

Create professional quotes in minutes, email or SMS these to clients to ensure you don't miss a sale


Convert enquiries more easily with 

professional quotes


Segment your contact list in your CRM to send targeted emails to each segment

Being able to segment your contact and add to email lists within your CRM ensures you never miss a name off your email marketing list

It also enables you to send an automated emails that might include informing your new contact of your Privacy Policy and option to opt out of mailings, as required for GDPR compliance.


Create amazing emails right within your CRM.

Send marketing emails to contact list segments you have created, right within the CRM dashboard.

Use content automatically provided by tour operators or create you own content / offers / promotions. ( requires subscription to 'PROMOTE' Marketing Suite )

Selecting promotions is as simple as a tick box and so you can create your email in under 3 minutes, and schedule the time it is sent

Time is takes to create and send an email to your database


Boost conversions: Automatically created landing pages with strong CTA's ( Calls to Action)

Tired of too many tasks to do to create an effective email? Landing pages in emails taking too long?

Our platform automatically creates a landing page for every promotion, whether you create it or it comes from our database of hundreds of live offers from tour operators.

Users click on the link in your email and the landing page with further details opens in your website*

* requires a website subscription, otherwise landing pages are stand alone, but branded with your branding

"This is a game changer for travel marketing - it makes resources usually only available to large businesses with big budgets available to anyone, from homeworkers to multi branch agencies"




Simple & Affordable Travel CRM 

We are here to provide you the marketing tools you need to be able to compete effectively in today's travel market