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Should You Invest in Improving Your Travel Agency Website?

Find out exactly how much more commission you could make by simply having a better converting website

Your website is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your online marketing. Even if you are a bricks and mortar travel agent, you’ll need a website because anyone who hears your name, is referred to your business, will look at your website first, to work out if you are worth contacting to fulfil their holiday requirements.

But, how do you know how much to spend? How much information to have on the site? What is worth investing in and what is not? What will be the potential payoff for spending money creating a website.

Estimating your ROI ( Return on Investment) will give you the confidence to:

(a) know how much you should invest in a site

(b) Calculate a set of projected results ( known as KPI’s – or Key Performance Indicators) with which to measure your success against once the site is built. It will help you be a much better decision maker next time you have to redesign your site ( usually every 3 years)

In less than 1 minute you can calculate exactly what the ROI could be for your next website by answering 7 simple questions. Submit your email address for our free Website and Marketing ROI Report

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